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Free UK Shipping over £50 - excludes Album + Ticket Bundles

Talon Tralized Vinyl LP

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. BELLALP9667310
1. Hatred Grows Slowly
2. Neutralized
3. Victims Of Suicide
4. Backlash
5. Time Could Not Heal
6. Overloads Supreme
7. To The Bitter Dregs
8. Hotter Than A 1000 Suns
9. Preacher Of Evil
10. Gale Warnings

A forgotten gem from the 80s Heavy Metal vault! 'TALON stands out positively from the crowd of current new releases. Ten fresh and crisp songs appear as you listen through, in which above all the guitar work of the duo Hoffmann/ Hohenberger attracts the attention: well dosed leads, melodic riffs but always with a decent portion of power. Most likely to be filed with the likes of JUDAS PRIEST, OZZY OSBOURNE, ACCEPT, Still Talon are holding enough sovereignty to not be considered as a cheap copy of the named groups'. -Metal Hammer