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SUPERCHUNK What A Time To Be Alive LP Pink & Clear Vinyl NEW 2018

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What A Time To Be Alive
Lost My Brain
Break The Glass
Bad Choices
Dead Photographers

I Got Cut
Reagan Youth
Cloud Of Hate
All For You
Black Thread

After the shocking, and for many, demoralizing result of the 2016 election, 'I didn't buy the silver lining some were promoting that 'well, at least art and music will be great now!',' says Superchunk co-founder and frontman Mac McCaughan. 'Obviously, any sane person would gladly trade four to eight years of terrible music for not having our country dismantled to satisfy the whims of a vengeful child and his enablers.' That said, good music and art still have a lot to say, and the urgency of current events gave Mac, Laura, Jim, and Jon the momentum to make something new sooner than later. 'It would be strange to be in a band, at least our band, and make a record that completely ignored the surrounding circumstances that we live in and that our kids are going to grow up in.' Enter What a Time to Be Alive, recorded and mixed by Beau Sorenson. It's a record, says Mac, 'about a pretty dire and depressing situation but hopefully not a record that is dire and depressing to listen to.' Indeed, like so much of Superchunk's music in the band's nearly three decades together, the songs on What a Time to Be Alive meet rage and anxiety head-on with the catharsis and exhilaration of loud punk fire and vulnerable pop energy. Like 2013's I Hate Music, which focused on death, loss, and the role of music in an aging life, the new record brings spirit to the frontlines of pain it's as defiant as it is despairing, as much a call to arms as a throwing up of hands. The record features more guest backing vocalists than any previous Superchunk album, including Sabrina Ellis (A Giant Dog, Sweet Spirit), Katie Crutchfield (Waxahatchee), Stephin Merritt (The Magnetic Fields), Skylar Gudasz, and David Bazan. 'Part of that was wanting a feeling of community,' says Mac. 'I think that's important to not be completely bummed out about everything all the time.' Despite the album's driving force, it would be a mistake to call the album political, which suggests it has anything to do with parties, policy, or anything that can be broken down into a rational difference of opinion. 'We're not trying to offer policy solutions in the confines of a three-minute song,' says Mac. 'It's about 'how do you live / not go crazy' in the current climate when it seems like every day there's a new outrage being perpetrated.' Track Listing: SIDE A What a Time to Be Alive, Lost My Brain, Break the Glass, Bad Choices, Dead Photographers. SIDE B Erasure, I Got Cut, Reagan Youth, Cloud of Hate, All for You, Black Thread.