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Stephen Malkmus Traditional Techniques Vinyl LP Creamy White Coloured LRS 2020

Cat no. WIGLP471L

Available to order online from 6pm 5th December 2020

Creamy White Colour Vinyl Limited Edition

Track Listing:

1. ACC Kirtan
2. Xian Man
3. The Greatest Own In Legal History
4. Cash Up
5. Shadowbanned
6. What Kind Of Person
7. Flowin' Robes
8. Brainwashed
9. Signal Western
10. Amberjack

Stephen Malkmus announces his new album, traditional techniques - out March 6th via Domino, lead single, "xian man", and a North American tour. Traditional techniques, Malkmus' Third solo LP without the jocks (or Pavement), is new phase folk music for new phase folks, with Malkmus as attuned as ever to the rhythms of the ever-evolving lingual slipstream. It's packed with handmade arrangements, modern folklore, and 10 songs written and performed in his singular voice. An adventurous new album in an instantly familiar mode, traditional techniques creates a serendipitous trilogy with the loose fuzz of the jocks' Sparkle hard (2018) and the solo bedroom experiments of groove denied (2019). taken together, these three very different full-lengths in three years highlight an ever-curious songwriter committed to finding untouched territory.