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STATUS QUO Aquostic II That's A Fact LP Vinyl NEW

Cat no. 5702682

That's A Fact
Roll Over Lay Down
Dear John
In The Army Now
Hold You Back
One For The Road
One Of Everything
Belavista Man
Lover Of The Human Race
Ice In The Sun
Mess Of The Blues
Jam Side Down
Little Dreamer
Living On An Island
IS Someone Rocking Your Heart
Rockers Rollin'
For You

Aquostic II – That’s a Fact! is the follow up to the phenomenally successful album from 2014 Aquostic (Stripped Bare). Aquostic II offers a generous helping of Quo classics that are immediately recognisable, and yet demonstrably re-engineered; including In The Army Now, Hold You Back and Roll Over Lay Down. Also featured on this limited edition gatefold vinyl are three brand new tracks from the band One For The Road, Is Someone Rocking Your Heart? and One Of Everything. The record also comes with the bonus song For You, released exclusively for you.