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Stametshroom - The Last Candle Vinyl LP 2020

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Cat no. PWORD10
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Debut album from Jake Storm Glover Aka Stametshroom. Encourage by Alex Paterson from The Orb to record some long ambient pieces for his resident DJ sets at WNBC radio station, Jake began laying down these ambient tone poems in his bedroom. His brief was to create a sonic sanctuary and a real place where serenity and calm can co exist with the ambient noise of everyday life.

The micro perception of emotional repressed sensations course through and shine, going to the core of the intentions behind the work. Simplicity of chosen sounds and restraint in the amount of notes, when composing, have created a catalyst that allows the listener to sit back and take a moment for reflection. Stametshroom creates a lush cosmic sonic landscape and geography, where the mind can switch off, relax and release buried sorrows and burdens.

Music to calm the heavy bass and rioting, maddening crowd of modern life.

Dive in and enjoy the solitude, let go of gimmicks and let yourself get lost in the eternal present, run with wolves and let the waves of un mind and unknowing open you up. If you listen with an open heart, you will find something dear.