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Sports Team - Deep Down Happy Vinyl LP Indies Orange Colour 2020

Cat no. 0869214

Mercury Prize-nominated before they even got out of bed, London-based Sports Team are what 21st century indie is all about. On a mission to 'romanticise Middle England', this 'Oasis tribute band' (their words, wink wink) certainly have the right attitude for success. For fans of Porridge Radio, The Murder Capital, Fontaines DC and The Lovely Eggs.

Track Listing:

A1. Lander     
A2. Here It Comes Again     
A3. Going Soft     
A4. Camel Crew     
A5. Long Hot Summer     
A6. Feels Like Fun     
B1. Here's The Thing     
B2. The Races     
B3. Born Sugar     
B4. Fishing     
B5. Kutcher     
B6. Stations Of The Cross