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Spiritual Beggars Mantra III LP Yellow Vinyl + CD New 2015

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. 88875088321


A1 Superbossanova
A2 Homage To The Betrayed
A3 Monster Astronauts
A4 Euphoria
A5 Broken Morning
A6 Lack Of Prozac
A7 Bad Karma
B1 Send Me A Smile
B2 Cosmic Romance
B3 Inside Charmer
B4 Sad Queen Boogie
B5 Mushroom Tea Girl

1 Homage To The Betrayed
2 Monster Astronauts
3 Euphoria
4 Broken Morning
5 Lack Of Prozac
6 Superbossanova
7 Bad Karma
8 Send Me A Smile
9 Cosmic Romance
10 Inside Charmer
11 Sad Queen Boogie
12 Mushroom Tea Girl
Cd Bonus Tracks
13 The Band Is Playing
14 Redwood Blues
15 Euphoria (Alt. Mix)

Remastered LP Vinyl, CD also included.

Coloured Vinyl.