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Spain 3 In 1 Value Pack LP Vinyl New Coloured 4 Disc Set

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Cat no. 0816651014903

Track Listings

Disc: 1

1. It's So True

2. Ten Nights

3. Dreaming of Love

4. Untitled #1

5. Her Used-to-been

6. Ray of Light

Disc: 2

7. World of Blue

8. I Lied

9. Spiritual

10. Phone Machine

Disc: 3

1. I'm Leaving You

2. It's All Over

3. Before It All Went Wrong

4. Hoped and Prayed

5. Waiting for You to Come

6. Easy Lover

7. Bad Woman Blues

8. Nobody Has to Know

9. Every Time I Try

10. Our Love Is Gonna Live Forever

Disc: 4

1. She Haunts My Dreams

2. Born to Love Her

3. You Were Meant for Me

4. Do You See the Light

5. Mary

6. Make Your Body Move

7. I Believe

8. Oh That Feeling

9. If We Kissed

10. Long Time Ago

Slowcore legends Spain’s classic first three albums were originally CD only upon their release.  But, to truly experience them, they needed to be heard on vinyl.  Omnivore Recordings corrected that by issuing them on LP in 2012.  To make that occasion even more special, they were pressed on 180-gram colored vinyl.  Omnivore is proud to now offer these three titles in an exclusive bundle, or Value Pack.  

The Blue Moods Of Spain, their acclaimed 1995 debut, is a double blue vinyl affair. It contains a bonus track, “Phone Machine,” which originally appeared as a b-side, as well as “Unchained,” which was covered by Johnny Cash on his Grammy-winning, Rick Rubin-produced Unchained, as well as by Spain leader John Haden’s father, jazz legend Charlie Haden, in a duet with Pat Metheny on their Grammy-winning Beyond The Missouri Sky.  

1999’s She Haunts My Dreams is on clear vinyl and features “Our Love Is Gonna Live Forever,” featured prominently on HBO’s Six Feet Under.  

2001’s I Believe rounds out the set on translucent orange vinyl.  

All three titles are the original issues, together at an incredible price.  This is a chance for fans to pick up the series at an unprecedented savings.  Take a trip to Spain.  It’s never sounded so good.