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Space Is The Plaice Vinyl LP New 2018

Space Is The Plaice Vinyl LP New 2018

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Track Listing

1 Creation
by Tilt
2 Brilliant Pebbles
by Blood Wine Or Honey
3 Watashi wa Hikari
by Major Force Productions
4 Anenome Mine
by Timothy Fife & Deadly Avenger
5 Air Is The Prayer
by Palm Skin Productions
6 Overview
by Jacknife Lee
7 Into The Cosmos
by MX-774
8 Crash Landing
by Ancient Lights
9 Orbiting Satellites
by Kensuke Shiina
10 airy'S
by Knowone
11 Way Out
by Ninna Lundberg 
12 20000
by Milo Clare
13 Dancing At The End Of The Universe
by Nick Faber
14 Ripley's Theme
by Dobie
15 Jovian System
by David Harrow
16 Lightseeker
by Ezra Hames
17 This Is The Place
by Kingkong and the Chum
18 Backward Compatibility
by Chari Chari
19 A Letter From Space
by Howie B
20 Interstellar Voyager 3
by Rui Da Silva
21 Riders To The Stars
by Romin
22 Hostile Planet Escape Sequence
by Skylab
23 Machina
by Tojin Kit
24 Pseudomorph
by Spacer
25 Deep Space Probe
by Pye Corner Audio
26 Deep Space Junk
by Luke Haines
27 Premium Goods
by Snuffy.NYC
28 Accept You All
by FPM
29 Ftbg
by Rob Spectrum
30 Moon Hung
by Sunny Levine
31 In to the Wild
by Borgar Magnason
32 The Space In My Place
by Snerv
33 Spaceport
by Oisin Lunny
34 Music For Spacestations
by Sie
35 Hands
by Ofeliadorme

Pussyfoot is back with one stonking big compilation album. 'Space is the Plaice' is a 28-track aquatic space opera which fits neatly onto triple vinyl and a double CD. The album sees artists contributing worldwide: UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, USA, and all over Europe. The album artwork by Dan MacMillan and Kieron Livingstone melds together psychedelic prog-rock with space electro-eccentrics themes which cover the 3LP with it's tongue in cheek Douglas Adams inspired designs. 'Space is the Plaice' features exclusive releases including songs by Howie B featuring Norman Reedus (of 'The Walking Dead'!), Blood Wine or Honey, Ancient Lights (aka producer Joe Hirst) featuring grim MC Flowdan, Jacknife Lee, and Tojin.