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SOPHIA KENNEDY Sophia Kennedy LP Vinyl NEW 2017

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. PAMPALP12

1. Build Me A House
2. Dizzy Izzy
3. William By The Windowsill
4. Being Special
5. K5Imono Hill
6. 3:05
7. Something Is Coming My Way
8. A Bug On A Rug In A Building
9. Foam
10. Baltimore
11. Hello, I Found You

Elegant, melancholic, sometimes menacing, with smoldering piano melodies, desolately whistling organs and a jaunty jaw's harp loop; kissed by the golden Californian sun, or shrouded in gloomy, dreary fog: Sophia Kennedy is currently the most versatile composer in German pop music – not to mention the greatest singer.

Debut album