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Songs: Ohia Love & Work Double Vinyl LP New 2018

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. SC298DLX

Track Listing:

Disc: 1
1. The Black Crow
2. Tigress
3. Nervous Bride
4. Being in Love
5. Lioness
6. Caxcomb Red
7. Back On Top
8. Baby Take a Look
9. Just a Spark

Disc: 2
1. On My Way Home (Lioness Sessions Outtake)
2. Never Fake It (Lioness Sessions Outtakes)
3. From the Heart (Lioness Sessions Outtake)
4. It Gets Harder Over Time (Lioness Sessions Outtake)
5. I Promise Not to Quit (Lioness Sessions Outtake)
6. Neighbors of Our Age (Lioness Sessions Outtake)
7. Pyrate II (Even Now) [Lioness Sessions Outtake]
8. Velvet Marching Band (Lissy's Sessions)
9. Raw (Lissy's Sessions)
10. Already Through (Lissy's Sessions)
11. Wondrous Love (Lissy's Sessions)