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SONDRE LERCHE Pleasure LP Vinyl NEW 2017

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Cat no. AS00047

Soft Feelings
I'm Always Watching You
Serenading in the Trenches
I Know Something That's Gonna Break Your Heart
Siamese Twin
Bleeding Out into the Blue
Hello Stranger
Violent Game
Baby Come to Me

2017 sees Sondre Lerche finally shares part two of his most ambitious musical project so far. Anchored by parallel universe-megahit "Bad Law", 2014's remarkable break-up record 'Please' received two Norwegian Grammy nominations, as well as being described as "a pop masterpiece" by Popmatters, who listed it as one of 2014's best records.

The sequel - of sorts - is called 'Pleasure'. The heart is confused, the body is restless. It's spreading to the music, which offers both hedonistic escape, ruthless self-examination, helpless indecision and - of course - tremendous pleasure. This is Sondre Lerche in limbo.

Norwegian singer, songwriter and guitarist Sondre Lerche is an artist who never seems to lose the desire to evolve. His curiosity constantly puts him in touch with new impulses, as he combines contemporary inspirations with his well-known appetite for the infinite wealth of musical delights of the past. Lerche steals, juxtaposes, and cultivates ever-changing rituals of creation that become an effortless part of his unusual musical vocabulary.

Lerche seems inspired by everything from Italo disco, house and techno, to artists as diverse as Broadcast, Janet, Stereolab, Madonna, and the late George Michael - always with juicy chords and grooves up his sleeve. Vocally, you could argue that Pleasure (and not 2006's Duper Sessions) is Lerche's actual crooner-album, from the way he exudes a new vocal intensity and boldness, echoing suave, conflicted pop-crooners such as Bryan Ferry and Scott Walker.

Amidst wild cries of joy, claustrophobia and lust, there's an explosive, frantic energy throughout Pleasure that never let's you - or the artist - off the hook. You'll want to dance and cry to these songs - like Sondre already wishfully imagines you are, in the incredibly catchy "Reminisce". All of which is to say: you'll want to experience Pleasure live in concert.