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Sol Vibrations Latin Dance Movements Vinyl LP 2020

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Cat no. STAUB151LP

Disc: 1
1. Cha Cha Cha Chatuchak - Tromboranga - Tromboranga
2. Ain't Nobody - Alex Wilson - Alex Wilson
3. La Rumba Me Va (Jeff The Fish Rework) - Antoine Garcia - Antoine Garcia
4. As - Camille - Camille
5. Afroben - Camarao - Camarao
6. Frevus - Fabiano Chagas - Fabiano Chagas

Disc: 2
1. All Rythem Ahead - Juan Pablo Torres - Juan Pablo Torres
2. El Gato Del Raval - The Santiago Acevedo Ensemble - The Santiago Acevedo Ensemble
3. Conga Con Rumba - Mayomi - Mayomi
4. Manteca - Ec3 - EC3
5. Alla Voy - Born 74 - Born 74
6. Es Mas Lindo - La Calenda Beat - La Calenda Beat
7. Habana - Jizue - Jizue

Following on from the release of 'Modern Jazz Dance Classics, Volume One' in 2019, which was popular on the jazz underground, the Staubgold's MJDC sub label returns with another compilation comprising mainly of contemporary artists carefully selected by DJ Jeff The Fish, this time on a Latin trip for 'Sol Vibrations: Latin Dance Movements'. There are carefully selected tracks from all over the world to make a great set and selection, including three acts based in Catalonia (Tromboranga, The Santiago Acevedo Ensemble and Antoine 'Tato' Garcia), some from the US (Camille, EC3), the UK (Alex Wilson, Born 74), France (Mayomi, Camarao Orkestra), Japan (Jizue), Brazil (Fabio Chagas), Cuba (Jean Pablo Torres) and Uruguay (La Calenda Beat). For some time now in the continual hunt for new DJ material to play in the jazz scene, the Modern Jazz Dance Classics label (a division of Staubgold) has been coming across great tracks by current artists that are often only available on digital or CD format. The brainchild of French based DJ Jeff The Fish and Markus Detmer at the Staubgold record label in Germany, MJDC aims to provide DJs with this new music on vinyl and inject new sounds into the jazz dance scene.