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Snow Palms - Land Waves Vinyl LP 2020

Cat no. VGLP057
Track Listing:
1 Atom Dance
2 Everything Ascending
3 Evening Rain Gardens
4 Land Waves
5 Thought Shadow
6 Kojo Yakei
7 White Cranes Return

Land Waves, the third album by new minimalists Snow Palms, is the project's first full length since becoming a duo. At times it is like Terry Riley with Lex Baxter in Japan, at others it could be the soundtrack to a meditation centre in neo-Tokyo dreamed up by William Gibson and Brian Eno. Its patterns and textures accelerate and resolve with drama and intent, its abstractions rendered by a distinctive kinetic sound world of mallets and synthesizers conjuring real and imaginary landscapes. In 2017 Snow Palms originator, the musician, critic and tutor David Sheppard, invited fellow, composer, producer and academic Matt Gooderson to formally join the project, after spending time together experimenting in the studio. "We have quite different musical backgrounds but found we were responding to and searching for the same things in music," explains Sheppard, "Over time, we evolved both a methodology and a signature sound."