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Snow Goose The Making Of You Vinyl LP Orange Colour 2020

Cat no. GLAMLP019

Track Listing

Side 1
1/ Everything
2/ Who Will You Choose
3/ Hope
4/ The Making Of You
5/ Counting Time
Side 2
1/ Golden Wing
2/ Leonard
3/ Deserted Forest
4/ The Optimist
5/ Undertow
6/ Gave Up Without a Sound

SNOWGOOSE are proud to present their new album, “The Making of You”, released by Glass Modern.

The follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut, “Harmony Springs”, sees the songwriting duo of guitarist Jim McCulloch and singer Anna Sheard supported by a who’s who of Scottish pop music, including members of Belle and Sebastian, The Pearlfishers, and Teenage Fanclub.

Tracing a line through ‘60s West Coast psychedelia and early ‘70s folk-rock, Snowgoose create something both timeless and unique, music which transcends its influences to assert itself as modern and forward thinking.

Anna Sheard - vocals | Jim McCulloch (Soup Dragons/Isobel Campbell/Mark Lanegan) - guitars/vocals/melodica/percussion | Raymond McGinley (Teenage Fanclub) – guitars | Dave McGowan (Belle & Sebastian/Teenage Fanclub) - bass | Stevie Jones - bass/double bass (Alasdair Roberts/Alex Neilson) Stuart Kidd (The Wellgreen) - drums/vocals/percussion Chris Geddes (Belle & Sebastian) - keyboards | Ken McCluskey (Bluebells) - harmonica Tim Davidson (The Attic Lights) - lap steel Davie Scott (The Pearlfishers) - string arrangements

“Think Sandy Denny crashing into a Jimmy Webb session armed with delicate west coast melodies and a little bag of very modern anxiety.” – Justin Currie – Del Amitri