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SLOW CLUB Yeah So Vinyl LP 2017

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. MOSHILP29X

When I Go
Giving Up on Love
I Was Unconscious, It Was a Dream
It Doesn't Have to Be Beautiful
There Is No Good Way to Say I Am Leaving You
Trophy Room
Because We're Dead
Dance 'Til the Morning Light
Sorry About the Doom
Come on Youth
Apples and Pairs
Our Most Brilliant Friends

From the outset there is something immediately familiar and yet vitally inventive about Slow Club; throughout their debut album, the twin voices of Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor conspire with an unmistakably youthful vigour, bookended by the deft ballads When I Go and Boys On Their Birthdays, dexterous soliloquies of admission and humour. As with Slow Club's early singles, Yeah So was recorded almost entirely within the bosom of their hometown Sheffield, with Richard Hawley’s long term live and studio engineer Mike Timm at controls.