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Cat no. AFMD47911.1
Track Listings
1. Bleed
2. Shadows
3. Call To Arms
4. Reborn
5. Leaving The Road
6. Far Too Long
7. Black Death
8. Standing Tall
9. London Moon
10. Broken Wings

SINBREED is THE new rising force in metal! This German supergroup is at full strength now and ready to take the metal world by storm! The band's second album 'Shadows' (their first for AFM) takes no prisoners and delivers melodic power/ speed metal with the raw yet melodic and powerful voice of Herbie Langhans (ex-Seventh Avenue). The stylistic direction is clear from the start: fast-paced, catchy, ballsy metal without keyboards - ruling surpreme. Since adding Blind Guardian member Marcus Siepen (guitars) and Fredrik Ehmke (drums) to the group's ranks, SINBREED are stronger than ever. Their brief time as one of the scene's best kept secrets is over. Here comes the new metal giant!