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Cat no. FLIK5.1
Track Listings
1. No Flesh Shall Be Spared
2. Good Morning Amerika
3. The Order of Death
4. Reno's Reindeer Steaks
5. Alligator Heart
6. Everything Is Under Control
7. Mark 13
8. Jill Burning
9. Silent Night
10. A Message from Our Sponsors
11. A Piece of Pipe
12. Stigmata
13. It's Horrible.. I Love It.. What Is It?
14. Cockroach Tea
15. Crucifixion
16. Hardware
17. Stabat Mater

Double vinyl LP pressing. Original soundtrack to the 1990 motion picture composed by celebrated British composer Simon Boswell. Simon's eclectic musicianship, spiraling from his slide guitar theme to synthy soundscapes, more traditional orchestral arrangements and FX infused experiments, was an integral part to Stanley's post-apocalyptic visions in Hardware. Now, that amazing sonic landscape is being issued for the first time in 23 years as a double LP: one disc being the clean music, and the other containing sound FX and voice samples of Iggy Pop, Lemmy and others weaving in and out of the score, plus additional unused cues and weird/cool stuff like Stanley reading the Bible! Heavy!