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SENSES FAIL If There Is Light It Will Find LP Vinyl NEW 2018

Cat no. PNE213-1

Double Cross
Elevator to the Gallows
New Jersey Makes, the World Takes
Gold Jacket, Green Jacket...
First Breath, Last Breath
Ancient Gods
Is It Gonna Be the Year?
You Get So Alone at Times That It Just Makes Sense
Orlando and a Miscarriage
Shaking Hands
Stay What You Are
If There Is Light, It Will Find You

‘If There is Light, It Will Find You marks the first time singer Buddy Nielsen has fully written the entirety of an album alone.

In a statement from Senses Fail: “Nielsen experienced life-altering shifts over the past two years that have contributed directly to the making of this record.

“The band has always been known for pushing boundaries lyrically and addressing topical issues from stage during a live show, but this time around you can feel the weight of uncontrollable stress or swearing down on Buddy as he navigates the listener through his personal life, from song to song.

“ Fans will notice a dramatic shift back to the band’s rock roots, honing the sound they realized on iconic records like ‘Let It Enfold You’ while also embracing the future of the band and personal experiences like both the loss and birth of a child. Underneath the album’s brighter, melody-driven exterior lurks a dark fascination with the concept of mortality - creating a juxtaposition of light and shadows that directly reflects on Senses Fail’s marked history.”