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SCORPION CHILD Acid Roulette Double LP Vinyl NEW

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. NE3509-1

Track Listing

1. She Sings, I Kill
2. Reaper's Danse
3. My Woman in Black
4. Acid Roulette
5. Winter Side of Deranged
6. Séance
7. Twilight Coven
8. Survives
9. Blind Man's Shine
10. Moon Tension
11. Tower Grove
12. I Might Be Your Man
13. Addictions
A five-piece from Austin, Texas, SCORPION CHILD have spent the last few years perfecting both their songwriting and stage show.
SCORPION CHILD's self-titled, full-length debut, produced and arranged by Chris "Frenchie" Smith (The Answer, Jet) who used analog recording technology to organically capture a hybrid of ten, hook-filled chapters of heavy psych rock.
This is the Double 12” LP Vinyl edition.