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Cat no. SPINE713909
Track Listings
1. Bonafide Heroes
2. Velvet Rope
3. My Remedy
4. 6 (66) Feet Under
5. Bye Bye Babylon
6. We Are the Ones to Fall
7. Wasted & Wounded
8. Let Them Burn
9. Vagabonds (Sing With Me)
10. Can You Feel the Rain

Hellsinki Headbangers Santa Cruz return with their feverishly anticipated eponymous sophomore platter. Hot on the heels of the success of their raging debut "Screaming For Adrenaline" and the leading hit singles for this album, "We Are The Ones To Fall" and "Wasted and Wounded" the band ups the ante, picks up the momentum and runs with it! Having caused a stir within the rock and metal scene with their first label effort "Screaming for Adrenaline", "Santa Cruz" is the platter that proves the band's growth, developed professionalism and undeniable staying power. Unlike its predecessor, "Santa Cruz" no longer reeks of the raw lightning-in-a-bottle-excitement that debut records from up-and-coming bands often do, but instead, the band now sounds better & ballsier and big enough to rock the arenas. There's no stopping Santa Cruz anymore!