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Cat no. DXY2053.1
Track Listings
1. A1. Only Sixteen
2. A2. All of My Life
3. A3. Everybody Loves to Cha Cha Cha
4. A4. Blue Moon
5. A5. Win Your Love for Me
6. A6. Lonely Island
7. B1. You Send Me
8. B2. Love You Most of All
9. B3. for Sentimental Reasons
10. B4. Little Things You Do
11. B5. Let's Go Steady Again
12. B6. You Were Made for Me

Doxy presents a reissue of Sam Cooke's 1959 singles compilation Hit Kit. For a collection of singles and odds and ends, this album does such a superb job of presenting some of Cooke's non-album material from his early years that its coherence gives it the impression of being a genuine, full-length album of songs recorded to go together. The sequencing of songs is ideal - from shuffling mid-tempo doo-wop soul to up-tempo calypso soul and slow balladry (Cooke's musical trademark at this point). An excellent example of the man's music in its earliest years as a pop/soul vocal powerhouse!