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SALUTE My Heart 12" LP Vinyl Mini Album NEW

Sorry - Sold Out


1. Church
2. One More Chance (Feat. D.R.A.M.)
3. Forever (Pearls) (Feat. KAMAU)
4. War Cry
5. Yours & Mine (Feat. Yami)
6. Storm
7. Weigh It Up (Feat. Krrum)

Hailing from Vienna and now living in Brighton, Salute is an incredibly talented 20-year-old who draws on a wide range of musical influences to create his genre blurring electronica.

The My Heart mini-album features vocals from a wealth of breakthrough talent salute has connected with while releasing his music online over the past few years; Weigh It Up features the silky vocals of Leeds based artist/producer Krrum, Brooklynite KAMAU brings a playful tone to Forever (Pearls) with his syncopated flow and the enigmatic Yami effortlessly contributes a haunting vocal to Yours & Mine.