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SAINT ETIENNE Sound Of Water Vinyl LP Reissue 2017

Cat no. HVNLP72


  1. Late Morning
  2. Heart Failed (In The Back Of A Taxi)
  3. Sycamore
  4. Don’t Back Down
  5. Just A Little Overcome
  6. Boy Is Crying
  7. Aspects Of Lambert
  8. Downey CA.
  9. How We Used To Live
  10. The Place At Dawn

Sound of Water was first released in 2000, Sound of Water was developed as Saint Etienne's ambient and trip hop statement. The album's lead single was the sprawling, multi-movement "How We Used to Live," which was not edited down from its 9-minute running length for single release. Their previous US release Places to Visit was clearly the beginning of this new direction. Many of the artists with whom they collaborated on that EP are present on Sound of Water. Includes Postcard download card & Printed Inner Sleeve. Never Been Reissued