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Ryley Walker Course In Fable Vinyl LP 2021

Cat no. HPR008LP

1. Striking Your Big Premier (5:10)
2. Rang Dizzy (4:50)
3. A Lenticular Slap (7:54)
4. Axis Bent (4:36)
5. Clad With Bunk (6:15)
6. Pond Scum Ocean (8:05)
7. Shiva With Dustpan (5:43)

Ryley Walker currently resides in New York City. But his latest LP is a Chicago record in spirit. The masterful Course In Fable, the songwriter’s first solo effort,draws from the deep well of that city’s fertile 1990s scene, when bands like Tortoise, The Sea and Cake and Gastr del Sol were reshaping the underground, mixing and matching indie rock, jazz, prog and beyond.

Walker spent his formative years in Chicago, absorbing those heady sounds and finding ways to make them his own. Even though he emerged at first in folkrock troubadour mode, it makes sense that he’s arrived at this point; each LP has grown more intricate and assured, his influences evolving into something original and unusual. To put it simply: Course In Fable is Walker’s best record yet, full of active imagination and endless possibilites.