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Royal Blood Typhoons Vinyl LP Assai Edition Due Out 30/04/21

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Cat no. 0190295089672

Please note this is a pre-order item due for release 30th April 2021

Limited Assai Records Album of the Month Vinyl Edition

  • Assai Records Exclusive Japanese OBi*
  • Hand Numbered limited to 500 copies*
  • Blue Colour Vinyl

*Exclusive to this Assai Records Edition.

Limited to 1 copy per customer / address, Multiple copies will be cancelled without notice.


  1. ‘Trouble’s Coming’
  2. ‘Oblivion’
  3. ‘Typhoons’
  4. ‘Who Needs Friends’
  5. ‘Million & One’
  6. ‘Limbo’
  7. ‘Either You Want It’
  8. ‘Boilermaker’
  9. ‘Mad Visions’
  10. ‘Hold On’
  11. ‘All We Have Is Now’