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ROY HARPER Come Out Fighting Ghengis LP Ltd Ed Vinyl New 2017

Cat no. SFLP004

Freak Street
You Don't Need Money
Freak Street
In a Beautiful Rambling Mess
All You Need Is
What You Have
Highgate Cemetery
Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith

Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith is English folk / rock singer-songwriter and guitarist Roy Harper's second album and was released in 1968. Musically, the album was notable for the 11 minute track "Circle" comprising several movements, "a soundscape of Harper's difficult youth" that, according to Harper, was "totally unlike anything anyone else was doing. The Beatles weren't doing anything like that at the time. The Stones weren't doing anything like it, either. No-one was"[2] Career-wise, the album was notable for establishing a broadening in Harper's musical style away from the more traditional side of contemporary folk music then played. Harper had an interest in traditional folk but did not consider himself a Bona fide member of the folk scene. He later explained:- I was too much of a modernist, really. Just too modern for what was going on in the folk clubs. I wanted to modernise music, but more than that to completely modernise people's attitudes towards life in general. I was involved in trying to bring (more) meat to the (contemporary) folk music...(of the time). limited edition, deluxe gatefold cover with new notes, images and printed inner sleeve with lyrics. 180gm vinyl.