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Ross Goldstein - Timoka Vinyl LP 2020

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Cat no. LPBW013
Track Listing:

1. Obsidian Cat
2. Tiptoes in the Foam
3. Spooky Actions
4. Lunar Day
5. Gretchen
6. Pink Broom
7. Obsidian Cat II
8. Bas Relief
9. Mark II
10. Ptyx
11. Double Solitaire

'Timoka' is an all instrumental album from Ross Goldstein featuring 11 compositions created using a Mellotron exclusively. It is a companion piece (volume 2) to 'The 8th House' and like that album it is inspired by cinema and film soundtracks While plenty of homage has been paid to the anxiety-heavy synthy soundtracks of 70's b-movie horror flicks or the acid rock freak outs that soundtracked movies from the early days hippie subculture, The Eighth House goes in a very different direction. More than those popular entry points, the music here is subdued and slow-moving, curiously inspecting ideas as the album moves through various fantastical passages. Even when cartoonish sound effects meet with tense swells of strings or dramatic orchestral flourishes (early Chamberlin models recorded their sounds using players of the Lawrence Welk Orchestra, no less!), the result is never garish but always patient and communicative. Bells ring in the distance, memories and possibilities are implied but left open to interpretation and strange but friendly sounds linger for just a moment before melting into something else. The result is a muted and wintery paradise that envisions Smile-era Brian Wilson scoring the softer moments of a Jodorowsky film.