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ROLFE KENT Burgundy LP Vinyl NEW

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. SILLP1174

Asphalt Groovin'
Constantine Snaps His Finger
Lonely Day
Wine Safari
Miles' Theme
Los Olivos
Chasing The Golfers
Walk To Hitching Post
Abondoning The Wedding
Slipping Away As Mum Sleeps
Bowling Tango
I'm Not Drinking Any #@%!$ Merlot!
Miles And Maya

Multi award-winning film Sideways was the surprise box office hit of 2004 and its story of two disillusioned forty-somethings on a wine infused road trip around California still holds a unique mixture of comedy and pathos. Rolfe Kent’s jazz inflected soundtrack accompanies them on their journey, its subtle lightness of touch the perfect accompaniment to their mid-life crises.