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Roger Eno & Brian Eno - Luminous Vinyl LP 2020

Cat no. 4839257
Track Listing

1. Moss
2. Violet
3. Manganese
4. Vermillion
5. Marble
6. Pewter
7. Malachite

Following its release in March, the Eno brothers’ debut Deutsche Grammophon album, Mixing Colours, caught the imagination of critics and listeners alike with its eighteen meditations on the slow, shifting nature of sound and time. Mixing Colours Expanded adds six new pieces along with Pewter, previously issued only as a bonus track in Japan. Again the evocative titles are colour-based – Moss, Violet, Manganese, Vermilion, Marble, Pewter and Malachite. And again, the pared-down beauty and meditative qualities of these new miniatures mean that every hearing is rewarded with fresh discoveries.