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Richard Galliano The Tokyo Concert Vinyl LP 2019

Cat no. 3411369993020

1) Parisian Divertimento
2) Clair De Lune
3) La Valse a Margaux
4) Soleil/Smile
5) Hommage a Michel Legrand
6) Sertao
7) Odeon
8) Folies Musette
9) Introduccion
10) Andaluza
11) Tango Pour Claude
12) Aria
13) Valse En Do# Mineur

In 2018, Richard Galliano, the accordion master, gave three solo concerts at a classical music festival in Tokyo. On the second night, the connection between the virtuoso and the audience was at its peak. This concert presented on the album testifies to Galliano's unique talent for meeting composers of all backgrounds with his personal sensitivity. From the masters of classical music (Bach, Debussy, Chopin, Satie) to Brazilian sounds. Of course, not to forget the French chanson music.