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Cat no. ALT454.1
Track Listings
1. Too Political?
2. Bored with Apathy
3. The Fee
4. Teaching You the Fear
5. Decay
6. Run 'Em Out
7. No Art
8. Bar-B-Que
9. White Lies
10. Nico
11. Starvation Dance
12. Prostitution
13. Aim Tastes Good
14. Entertainment
15. Pigboy
16. Ain't No Time
17. Lockjaw
18. Reminder

Limited vinyl LP repressing of the debut album from the legendary Texas punk band including digital download. Really Red was the backbone of Houston's underground from the early punk era clear through '80s hardcore. Like the Dicks in Austin, they directly challenged an insanely violent police department at no small risk to their own lives. Their sound itself incorporated art and post-punk elements, with a musical and lyrical depth on par with bands like Mission of Burma, Wire, or Dead Kennedys. VOLUME 1: TEACHING YOU THE FEAR is the much-loved first album that's been unavailable since Empty Records reissued it ten years ago. More manic and locked-in then the early singles, this is Really Red in their prime, fired up and focused to lay down what they likely thought was their one shot to get it all on vinyl. The title track even calls out specific murders by the Houston cops that they wouldn't even admit were crimes! a true classic of it's time-or any time-TEACHING YOU THE FEAR has been restored from the original tapes and remastered by Jello Biafra to sound better then ever!