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Razika Sann kjennes verden ut Vinyl LP New 2018

Razika Sann kjennes verden ut Vinyl LP New 2018

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Track Listing

1. Slipp meg fri
2. Alt du fÃ,ler er feil
3. En sjanse til
4. D esje meg
5. Baby, gi meg kjÃ|rlighet
6. Flyplassen
7. Det går ikke
8. PÃ¥ trynet
9. 20 dager
10. Husk 26. januar

Razika has been one of the more popular groups in Noway the last couple of years, but now they are taking a break. is the last album in a while which will be out November 30th. * Although the band sings in Norwegian, their music have gained International praise as well. Both NME, Village Voice, Pitchfork, Uncut, New York Times +++ has written about the band. * For the first time since their debut, they are teaming up with prominent producer Matias Tellez, and his inclusion gives the band, and album, a totally new and fresh sound. * The album is filled with several potential , and the songs are filled with massive synth riffs and catchy chorus. * Razika has a quite impressive number of streams, so we're really looking to further improve this with this album.