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RAMMSTEIN Rosenrot LP Limited Ed Vinyl New 2017

Cat no. 2729675

LP 1
Mann Gegen Mann
Wo Bist Du
Stirb Nicht Vor Mir (Don't Die Before I Do)

LP 2
Hilf Mir
Te Quiero Puta!
Feuer Und Wasser
Ein Lied

Two years after the release of the acclaimed Rammstein XXI Vinyl Box Set, we are happy to announce today that the 6 studio albums contained in this incredible box will be made available as standalone releases on the 8th December 2017!

In the course of over two decades, the band have risen to the apex of the great rock pyramid, achieving album and DVD sales in the millions, headlining major festivals and bigger venues around the world (including New York’s Madison Square Garden, a show that sold out its 18,000+ tickets in under 30 minutes!), and establishing themselves as peerless master showmen with an approach to their art that is dramatic, epic in scale and capable of touching all of the senses; a dark and spectacular fairy-tale laced with controversy, don’t-try-this-at-home theatrics, plus the all-consuming aroma of benzine.