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Radiohead Kid A MNESIA Vinyl LP Due Out 05/11/21

Cat no. XL1166LP

Please note this is a Pre Order item due out 5th November, 2021


1. Everything In Its Right Place                                        
2. Kid A                                                                                     
3. The National Anthem                                                     
4. How To Disappear Completely                                   
5. Treefingers                                                                        
6. Optimistic                                                                           
7. In Limbo                                                                              
8. Idioteque                                                                            
9. Morning Bell                                                                     
10. Motion Picture Soundtrack                                         
11. Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box                  
12. Pyramid Song                                                                    
13. Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors                            
14. You And Whose Army?                 
15. I Might Be Wrong            
16. Knives Out                                          
17. Morning Bell/Amnesiac                
18. Dollars and Cents                            
19. Hunting Bears                                   
20. Like Spinning Plates        
21. Life In A Glasshouse                       
22. Like Spinning Plates (‘Why Us?’ Version)
23. Untitled v1                                                         
24. Fog (Again Again Version)                            
25. If You Say the Word                        
26. Follow Me Around                          
27. Pulk/Pull (True Love Waits Version)         
28. Untitled v2                                                         
29. The Morning Bell (In the Dark Version)   
30. Pyramid Strings                                                
31. Alt. Fast Track                                                   
32. Untitled v3                                                         
33. How to Disappear into Strings  

Half-speed cut black vinyl 3LP incl. KID A, Amnesiac and KID AMNESIAE bonus volume containing unreleased material.