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Quest Ensemble - The Other Side Vinyl LP 2020

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Cat no. PFT20001LP

Track Listing:

 1. Falling from Above    
 2. Double E    
 3. Devil’s Sidewalk    
 4. Leave the Driving
 5. Carmichael    
 6. Bandit    
 7. Grandpa’s Interview    
 8. Bringin’ Down Dinner    
 9. Sun Green    
 10. Be The Rain   

From the emotive 'Moments', the elasticated melodies of 'Pendulum', to the fluid lines and compelling urgency of 'The Boatman' and 'Pedal Down', Quest Ensemble's compositions fuse layered melodies and rhythmic patterns to create contrapuntal webs of sound. The process involves sharing improvised ideas, building up layers of music on each instrument to create a patchwork of musical themes with a rich vein of surging Reichian rhythms underpinning each.