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QUASI R&B Transmogrification LP Vinyl NEW

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1. Ghost Dreaming
2. Ballad of Mechanical Man
3. In the First Place
4. Bird's Eye View
5. Two-faced
6. Ghost Vs. Vampire
7. R&B Transmogrification
8. When I'm Dead
9. Sugar
10. My Coffin
11. Mama, Papa, Baby
12. Chocolate Rabbit
13. Iron Worm
14. Clouds

Quasi’s first three seminal studio albums - 1997’s R&B Transmogrification, 1998’s Featuring “Birds” and 1999’s Field Studies - are being reissued on vinyl.

Janet Weiss and Sam Coomes first collaborated in 1990 as Motorgoat but by 1993 they had become Quasi. 1997’s R&B Transmogrification is where they define their double act. Musically Coomes and Weiss are always greater than the sum of their parts. They just fit together, like a two-piece jigsaw puzzle.

12” LP Vinyl.