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QUASI Featuring Birds 12" LP Vinyl NEW

Sorry - Sold Out
Cat no. WIGLP055

Track Listing
1. Our Happiness Is Guaranteed
2. I Never Want to See You Again
3. The Poisoned Well
4. The Happy Prole
5. Sea Shanty
6. It's Hard to Turn Me On
7. Nothing from Nothing
8. Tomorrow You'll Hide
9. California
10. You F**ked Yourself
11. Ape Self Prevaila in Me Still
12. Please Do
13. I Give Up
14. Birds
15. Repetition
16. Only Success Can Fail Me Now
'Featuring "Birds"' is Quasi at their peak, melding jams-kicking rock & roll, punk action and chord shifts that feel like the change of a season.
The success of Janet Weiss's other group, Sleater-Kinney, in the meantime was clearly only firing up, rather than undercutting Quasi.
The songs slide from science fictional dystopia on 'Our Happiness Is Guaranteed' and 'I Never Want to See You Again', to wage-slave class war on 'The Happy Prole' and 'Sea Shanty'
12” LP Vinyl release
*Explicit Lyrics*