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Quarter Life Crisis 12" Vinyl EP Red Colour 2020

Cat no. LBJ314LPC1
Track Listing:
The self-titled debut EP features contributions from Frances Quinlan (Hop Along), Meg Duy (Hand Habits), Charlie Martin (Hovvdy), Yohuna, and Claud. It showcases Hemsworth in a new phase of his career, one that is perhaps a bit less indebted to the nightclub dance oor. 'It's always been a goal to mix, like, 25% electronic sounds and 75% live indie rock sounds', he says. Collaboration is paramount to Hemsworth's process, and though he produced all of the instrumentation on the album, he left the lyrics and intention of the song up to the contributors. The resulting collection shapeshifts from track-to-track, taking on new personalities as it moves between artists.