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Primal Fear - Metal Commando Vinyl LP Picture 2020

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Cat no. 0727361524432

Track Listing

  1. Along Came the Devil     
  2. Halo     
  3. Hear Me Calling     
  4. The Lost & the Forgotten     
  5. My Name Is Fear     
  6. I Will Be Gone     
  7. Raise Your Fists     
  8. Howl of the Banshee          
  9. Afterlife     
  10. Infinity         
  11. I Will Be Gone     
  12. Raise Your Fists         
  13. Howl of the Banshee     
  14. Afterlife   

Sit down and get your notebook ready for a quick lesson in serpents - when a snake's skin gets too tight, the creature sheds it. The same snake emerges beneath however now rejuvenated, bigger and ultimately more powerful. This process could also be used to describe Germany's most reliable heavy metal export, Primal Fear, on their crushing new record 'Metal Commando'. The band have cast their old skin to reveal the same relentless unit underneath, however now showcasing their new growth in many directions.