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Pozi 176 Vinyl EP 2020

Cat no. PRAH27
Track Listing

1. Whitewashing
2. 176
3. The Nightmare
4. 40 Faces
5. While-U-Wait

76 boasts five new tracks written and recorded over a fruitful five days at Prah Studios, Margate. The band took a more expansive approach to the composition process, taking inspiration from the spatial and rhythmic sonics of electronic music and blending it with their existing unique sonic palette of drums, bass, violin, vocals...and no guitars. Taking its title from the eponymous London bus route that runs from Penge to Tottenham Court Road, 176 contains themes of paranoia, social anxiety, jealousy and the accompanying nightmares these can create. The band explain:

“All five songs have quite grim, dark subject matter. Once we’d started exploring that paranoid, angsty kind of path, the floodgates seemed to open and we ran with it”

Title track '176' finds the narrator sat on the top deck of the 176, feeling alienated from their surroundings and shell-shocked at the public’s decision to vote in favour of Brexit, whilst 'While You Wait' is written from the perspective of a dog recalling happier times rolling in fields, as it waits to be put down at the veterinary surgery - penned while the UK waited to leave the EU, the metaphor couldn’t be clearer.