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Cat no. CLFC49.1
Track Listings
1. The Heart & the Spade
2. Eyesight
3. Liquid Daydream
4. Floating on a Block of Ice
5. Static (Oh No Ok)
6. Rise Up from the Center of the Rising Sea
7. Surrender
8. At the Dock
9. 2000 Now!
10. Cold Blooded Judge
11. Heated House
12. Here Comes the Spade

Vinyl LP pressing. 2015 album from the San Francisco indie band. Pow! Is re-chromed and ready to soundtrack your dystopian near future. Harsh neon synths battle with zip line guitars for space above a dark and teeming cityscape. Your guide is always in the shadows, you can't make out his face but you hear his crazed diatribe as he wards off all affronts. Razor-sharp punk at it's core, Fight Fire is fleshed out with inventive and catchy synth work-and the floating bits of atmospheric expansion between tracks only heighten the paranoid atmosphere. These tunes have a sci-fi depth, a moody bite, and a startling clarity sharpened to a point by the wizard hand of Chris Woodhouse, who helmed the magnetization. Recommended listening for future-punk teens and grown adults alike.