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PIXIES Bossanova Vinyl LP 30th Ann Red Colour 2020

Sold out
Cat no. 4AD0265LPX

Limited 30th Anniversary Red Vinyl


1.Cecilia Ann

2.Rock Music


4. Allison

5. Is She Weird

6. Ana

7.All Over The World

8. Dig For Fire

9. Down To The Well

10 The Happening

11. Blown Away

12. Hang Wire

13. Stormy Weather

14. Havalina

Bossanova is the third proper full length album from indie outfit Pixies, the legendary band from Boston who made some great records back when I was a lad. To try and follow up the triple whammy of 'Come On Pilgrim', 'Surfer Rosa' and 'Doolittle' is quite a daunting and challenging task, but they managed to shape a great record which stands out with its sci-fi themes and surf rock guitars. Features 'Dig For Fire', 'Allison' and 'Velouria'.