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Scarlett Johansson Pete Yorn Break Up Vinyl LP 2009

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Cat no. RHI519309.1
1. Relator
2. Wear And Tear
3. I Don't Know What To Do
4. Search Your Heart
5. Blackie's Dead
6. I Am The Cosmos
7. Shampoo
8. Clean
9. Someday

Born out of the deep sleep that can only follow weeks of insomnia, Pete Yorn awoke to find BREAK UP, and its concept of two lovers vocalizing their relationship, fully formed in his head. Taking inspiration from Serge Gainsbourg's collaborations with Brigitte Bardot, Yorn and Scarlett Johansson headed to the studio, with Sunny Levine in the production booth and Yorn and Max Goldblatt serving as executive producers. The album also features contributions from guitarist Robert Francis, bassist Giuseppe Patane, violinist Amir Yaghmai, with Goldblatt on banjo, synth bass and backing vocals, and Levine handling programming and mixing. Comprised of eight songs written and arranged by Yorn and one cover, BREAK UP embarks on a musical journey that covers all bases from lovers lost in gravelly exit song "Someday" to lovers scorned in the questioning "Search Your Heart." Johansson's raspy voice lends a retro feel to the poppy opening track "Relator," playfully complementing Yorn's choruses and setting the tone for the rest of the album's side-by-side vocals. Standout tracks include banjo-driven "Wear And Tear," reminiscent of Pete's early solo efforts, the big band-esque "I Don't Know What to Do," and a shimmering interpretation of the art-rock class "I Am the Cosmos" by the late Chris Bell, co-founder of quintessential cult band Big Star.