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People Under The Stairs Vinyl LP Soundtrack Due 29/01/21

Cat no. PL7025

Please note this is a pre-order item due for release 29th January 2021

Track Listing

A1 Intro.
A2 Jappy Jap.
A3 Suite For Beaver 1.
A4 Suite For Beaver 2.
B2 Empty Bottles.
B3 The Outrage.
B4 The Hang Loose.
B5 The Double K Show.
C1 Tales Of Kidd Drunk.
C2 Keepin It Live.
C3 The Dig.
C4 The Heat.
C5 Montego Slay.
D1 The LA Song.
D2 8 Is Enuff.
D3 Acid Raindrops.
D4 The Joyride.
D5 The Breakdown.

With a career spanning two decades and 12 releases, L.A. hip hop duo People Under the Stairs bid farewell with their final LP last year. Their unique self-produced legacy earned them the designation "The Steely Dan of Hip-Hop" and built a fanbase of millions around the globe. Now, for the first time ever, they are re-issuing their long out of print, 2002 classic O.S.T. with a revamped gatefold gloss cover, updated liner notes and printed sleeves featuring 100+ print reviews from the original release date. Almost two decades in the making and with the original vinyl constantly fetching over 125$ online this highly anticipated reissue is sure to please both new and old fans alike.