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PAUL WELLER More Modern Classics LP Vinyl NEW

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Cat no. V3127

LP 1 1. He's The Keeper 2. Sweet Pea, My Sweet Pea 3. It's Written In the Stars 4. Wishing On A Star (Single Version) 5. From The Floorboards Up 6. Come On / Let's Go 7. Wild Blue Yonder 8. Have You Made Up Your Mind 9. Echoes Round The Sun 10. All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)LP 2 1. Push It Along 2. 22 Dreams 3. No Tears To Cry 4. Wake Up The Nation 5. Fast Car / Slow Traffic 6. Starlite 7. That Dangerous Age 8. When Your Garden's Overgrown 9. The Attic 10. Flame-Out! 11. Brand New Toy

It is a fitting title: a high quality stylish collection featuring tracks taken from Pauls albums of the last 15 years of his solo career. These 15 years have seen a constant artistic high, with each subsequent album release being heralded as his best yet