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Paul McCartney Amoeba Gig Double Vinyl LP New 2019

Cat no. 7728945
Track Listing:

Disc: 1
1. Drive My Car [Side A]
2. Only Mama Knows [Side A]
3. Dance Tonight [Side A]
4. C Moon [Side A]
5. The Long And Winding Road [Side A]
6. I'll Follow The Sun [Side A]
7. Calico Skies [Side B]
8. That Was Me [Side B]
9. Blackbird [Side B]
10. Here Today [Side B]
11. Back In The USSR [Side B]
12. Nod Your Head [Side B]

Disc: 2
1. House Of Wax [Side C]
2. I've Got A Feeling [Side C]
3. Matchbox [Side C]
4. Get Back [Side C]
5. Baby Face [Side D]
6. Hey Jude [Side D]
7. Let It Be [Side D]
8. Lady Madonna [Side D]
9. I Saw Her Standing There [Side D]
10. Coming Up (Soundcheck) [Side D]