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Paul Hillery presents We Are The Children of the Setting Sun Vinyl LP 2023

Cat no. BBE734CLP

LP 1

1. The Shadows Dance - Graeme Gash
2. Fields Of Green - Carm Mascarenhas
3. It All Comes Around - Parker MacDonell
4. Mojave - Hardin & Russell
5. Colorado-Red Sky - MCF
6. Wet Dreams - Floyd Hunchback Group
7. Be With Me - Pat Rahming

LP 2

1. Playin' Your Game - Blaine L. Reininger
2. Storm in the Sky - Hagan's Fanshawe Friends
3. Over & Over - Andy Davis
4. Mystery Man - Trisha Watts
5. Autumn - Simon Anholt
6. Von Aspen Shaden - Emerald Web and Barry Cleveland

LP 3

1. In-Passing - Kimberle
2. She Misses You (Children of the Sun Version) - SONLIFE
3. Don't Ever Say Never (Instrumental) - Ya Ya
4. The Light - Reggio
5. Surfer Girl - Persona La Ave
6. Nur Gitarre - Bescay + Jochen Schrumpf
7. Aranha - Christine Schaller

Paul Hillery's third compilation in this series of rare and hard to find grooves is as much a geographical journey as it is a musical one. With acts, artists and tracks linked to London, Florida, Atlanta, the Netherlands, Switzerland, California, India and Germany and more this compilation is very much proof of the global language that is music. With many of the recordings only previously existing on sold out and obscure private pressings and small runs on indie labels this collection of tracks really is a must have. Complementing the previous two albums curated by Paul Hillery we really do get to see and hear the history of studio recordings from a plethora of touring and travelling troubadours, jobbing composers and song-writers, session musicians, producers and engineers. Again, as with the previous two volumes in the 'Children of the Sun' series, this is an eclectic gathering of styles and genres that have been curated into an accessible fusion of Jazz, Rock, AOR and Folk tinged grooves that all have soul. With many tracks getting a first time digital release this 3 LP album sits nicely alongside the previous albums in the series and rates as an essential compilation for any serious lover and collector of music. In Paul Hillery's words: "Let us gather one more time on another journey through the rhythmic sands of time, traversing continents and genres one track at a time. Taking in joyful places and wide-open spaces while dropping out to the musical pulse that unites us all An album to remind us that we are all made of stardust with more to connect than drive us apart, for . . . We Are The Children of the Setting Sun"