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Organ Explosion - La Bomba Vinyl LP New 2019

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Cat no. ENJA97751
Track Listing

1. Bumpy slide
2. Bungaloo
3. Apache
4. La bomba
5. Cool & hot
6. El segundo
7. Organo sensual
8. Cryptocat

“Digital is perfect but analog is better“, says Hansi Enzensberger. The keyboard wizard and his colleagues Ludwig Kloeckner (bass) and Manfred Mildenberger (drums) locked themselves up in a studio for three months - with a Hammond organ, jazz bass and a Ludwig drum set. With Rhodes, Clavinet, Space Echo and Wurlitzer. In other words: with all the vintage treasures they could lay their hands on. Their Version of the Shadow Western classic "Apache" is one of the many highlights the new studio album "La Bomba". Stylistically, the three use in everything that makes you happy: They mix samba pop with fat bassbooms, cool-tropical cumbia with psycho-synths and noble retrostyles with unleashed organ eruptions. The basis is the Captain Future radio of the two Previous albums "Organ Explosion" and "Level 2", garnished with super-sharp Tex-Mex elements. The result: “La Bomba” – a rousing album that blasts the ‘70s sound aesthetic into the musical landscape of today. An album performed with maximal power, mixed and mastered with great care. Melodies for millions, with the sex of funk, the dirt of the blues, a punk attitude and the freedom of jazz. Ten pieces demonstrating that Organ Explosion is beginning to explode.