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Orchards Lovecore Vinyl LP Indies Eco Mix 2020

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Cat no. BSM272V1


1. Sincerely Overwhelmed
2. Burn Alive
3. Sooner
4. Girlfriend
5. Stealing Your Sleep
6. Magical Thinking
7. Social Sobriety
8. Vacancy
9. Give Me
10. Luv You 2
11. History

Born from Brighton's diverse musical breeding ground, indie quartet Orchards are among the cities brightest rising stars. Comprised of lifelong friends Sam Rushton (guitar) and Dan Fane (bass/vocals), who met drummer Will Lee-Lewis and vocalist Lucy Evers within their first week at university, the band are a resplendent mix of summer melodies and stellar hooks that threaten to be stuck in your head for days. Married with an unbreakable bond that makes the four-piece inseparable, they form a sound that is inherently positive, charming, shimmering and above all: fun. Armed with a luscious catalogue that has seen praise from BBC 6Music, Radio1 and NME - with Huw Stephens championing the band as "'Ones To Watch" - their 2018 EP 'Losers/Lovers' is perhaps a collection of their rawest material studded with fan favourites, from the electrifying 'Peggy', 'Honey''s ode to the collapse of the world's bee colonies, to summer anthem 'Luv You 2' and the sultry 'Drama King'. In March 2019, the band released a 7" featuring two new songs 'Young' and 'Mature Me', knocking the bands songwriting and musicianship up a gear giving them the chance to explore their fusion of math pop time signatures and pop inspired vocals to produce a sound bigger, brighter and more ambitious than ever before.Described as "A welcome addition to any alt-pop lovers ears..", Orchards retired to the studio to record their debut album Lovecore, which once again sees them approach their new material with a heavy focus on killer melodies and Evers' heartfelt poetic lyrical outpourings centred around her experience with loss, mental health struggles, the environment and relationships. "For this record we really wanted to keep in mind our past releases. Give a 1.5 rather than a 2.0. Stay true to who we are as a band but go on a path of improvement. However saying that, we're always going to be influenced by Everything Everything and FOALS!" explains Evers.